Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What website best represents my business...

We've just been handed a spec for one of our largest projects. A web redesign for a market leading RPO consultancy to more closely reflect the scale and reach of their business.

It became clear to us right from the beginning that their current site ( does little to demonstrate their capability and strengths, and provides us the opportunity (one that we relish) to grasp a company's core beliefs and ideology and truly reflect that online.

After a little research, we realised their is no better tool for a visually impactive yet professionally impressive web site than tailored use of CSS. Flash websites can be appealing on the eye but often it is all too easy to get carried away in the intricacies of animation and neglect the widely saught-after search engine optimisation for example.

Contraversely a lack of CSS or web graphics savvy can easily make a web site look cheap, aged or out of touch. It is again a case of finding the comfortable middle ground that both exceeds expectations yet meets with the coding, accessibility and search engine friendly criteria that simply cannot go overlooked.

After a few discussions with Resource Management about their online 'shop-front', and having pencilled over a selection of 'first drafts', we are now getting stuck in up to the armpits in web site production, beavering away at website coding while RM wait with baited breath for the end result. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn a brief discussion into a fully functional website as quick as a flash, prepare for the link to come in the very near future...

Posted by Mike Wedge

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