Friday, 3 July 2009

Small Business, Big Web Presence...

The internet is having an undeniable affect on small businesses, particularly in the tourism and leisure sector.

Perhaps most significantly, customer attraction through brochures, images, background and other relevant information have been ripped from the brochures and dumped online, with varying degrees of success.

With the growing use of tools such as Google maps, and the increasing importance of search engine optimisation, several small businesses are overlooking the potential golden ticket of a prominent position in the search engines.

Take 'bed and breakfast bristol' for instance, imagine a nicely presented online brochure of your small business falling near the top of a Google search for these terms? You'd be looking at an online traffic measuring hundreds, possibly thousands over the course of a couple of weeks - compare that to the number of people realistically thumbing through your hard copy brochure in the same time span and you see my point....

At Sticky Media we have recently completed a web site for the highly prestigous Clifton Club based in Bristol ( The project started as a website 're-rub' and turned into a full re-branding exercise which was completed with great success (testimonial is on the way...). This effort has shown a massive impact in their membership attraction through the correct promotion and presentation of their services on offer.

From this site we have recently received a brief from the proprietor of a local residential home to ensure the same online presence with their business, interest is hotting up around this topic and it's something we consider ourselves highly experienced in.

With hard times ahead, local holiday-goers are keen to stay within UK borders so there has never been a better time to promote your business in a cost effective fashion through the use of a well presented online web site/brochure.

We can re-develop your existing hard copy brochure to fit your requirements, position your site prominently on sites such as Google maps to ensure your being highlighted amongst location searches, and we can even visit your premises to take up to date, fresh photographs (something we did with the Clifton Club recently).

Finally (and this is the bit you'll be most interested in), our experience in this field means we can produce expert work in a swift time frame, clearly this will reduce the cost for you. The best thing to do is drop us an email and we'll have a chat about how our services can benefit your business in both the short and the long term.

Posted by Mike Wedge

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