Monday, 13 July 2009

Recruitment Microsites - What's the point?

Recruitment microsites are fast becoming the tool of choice for the recruiting employer, but what's that I hear you shout? we have Monster! Jobsite! newspaper ads! our own candidate database! Ahhh well let me tell you - the microsite is not simply the candidate magnet that you may think... Brand development is a principal force behind the popularity of the microsite, and I intend to explain this.

Microsites offer a chance for employers to explain their background, promote their brand, history, working ethos, current market position and all manner of messages that any company may wish to communicate to the masses.

Imagine you receive 25 CVs through a microsite, 4 of which lead to a hire. The number of people likely to have looked at that site without submitting their CV could be well in excess of 100. All those people looking through your carefully chosen words about your company, that's a potential candidate who would usually have been lost in the web of a national job board, has now visited a branded site specific to you on a personalised URL, and is therefore far likely to return to your job spec at a later date (or impart some useful information taken from said microsite to a chum).

The microsite offers your company it's own little space of absolute freedom to promote any message you so choose in a manner that is as concise or as detailed as you wish; with your level of branding, images, downloads, logos, maps, whatever you so choose as an added bonus.

So is that it? Brand Development?

Mais non! Important not to forget the following:
  • Small site = small set up time
  • Small site = reduced costs
  • Ongoing improvement: Easy to maintain a small site
  • Widespread job advertising: Job aggregators can be signed up to the microsite, meaning you post your job once - it gets posted to 10+ national job boards FREE OF CHARGE
  • Links to your own site and other sites of interest, all helps SEO and your Google-presence, plus offers an increase in your own company web traffic.
In short, microsites are not a painful process, and come with a whole goodie-bag of benefits to a business, its not a suprise they are being snapped up like wildfire. We like making them and our clients love them. Long may it continue.....

Posted by Mike Wedge

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