Thursday, 2 July 2009

Web Development in 60 seconds

So what is the actual process involved in making a website from scratch? here is a very brief and thrown together guide!

1. Domain name registration

Customer or design agency decides on where they want to go with the domain name - if the company name is available, perfect, if the desired suffix is also available, ideal. This is rarely the case however... so an imaginative use of hyphens, 'uk's or 'online's may be in order....

Suprisingly stressful given it seems to be such a small task!

2. Choose a hosting destination

Generally a case of shopping around for the most appropriate service, important to consider levels of customer service, pricing obviously, and also the technology that you expect to use with your site - greater levels of server activities (for a database driven website for instance) are only going to drive up your hosting costs.... Still on the whole can be fairly reasonable in price after a bit of looking about.

3. First draft web page design

The brief from the customer should provide enough information to allow the developer to compose a number of drafts for the customer to pick and mix certain elements they like and others they do not - leading to a final design.

The customer can of course provide as much or as little information as required - provide little information at your own risk, it will be a lot harder for the developer to pin point your preferences with minimal direction! otherwise not being too precise is also recommended - allowing the developer a certain amount of creative freedom can bode well for your design, after all they are the professional!

That being said, a decent designer will always work around their customer and find a means to provide the most affective solution to any brief provided. Creativity and customer satisfaction are foremost in their job spec...

4. Coding

A process that although weighs heavily on the developer - constant feedback is always preferable from the customer - this will ensure that any changes of preference are kept to along the way.

With a little dilligence and concentration this should be one of the swiftest parts of the process.

5. Adding Content

Usually prior to launch with the use of a Customer Management System, copy writing provided by the customer, or copy writing provided by the developer on the basis of previously decided online goals.

Suprisingly this is not something that is too common in the web design world. Given the use of web sites as an advertising tool it seems obvious to us that copy writing capability should be on hand at all times. We at Sticky Media have an in house team of word smiths badgering away at keeping our clients sites up to date.

Posted by Mike Wedge

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