Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Banner Advertising - Flash or Static?

A pivotal element in recruitment advertising, the banner advertising, when provided with (usually) such a small area to play with, how does one create impact in a space roughly the size of a few postage stamps?

Flash! This made a massive impact when it was introduced, every banner had a gawdy flashing element proclaiming 'Congratulations! you are the 1,000,000th visitor and you have won £1,000!!', or 'Poker at its best, Play online against real people now!' - it almost seemed like having a static image was the classy alternative, 'no flashing lights required here - my logo is strong enough' they seemed to say.

But now the techniques used with Flash to draw attention without detriment to commercial integrity are on the up. We recently composed the below 468x60 banner for our client Sanderson Recruitment - to demonstrate their breadth of experience in the recruitment market as well as their commitment to providing excellent service; all within the realms of attention-grabbing yet professional and effective.

As Adobe and other related companies march forth with their innovation - the ability to use a small space with devastating effect will only improve. It's acheiving that middle ground between corporate and attention grabbing that will remain a challenge throughout.

Posted by Mike Wedge

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