Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Greetings and Salutations

This is the first post (as you will no doubt notice) from Sticky Media Group. It seems that over the course of the last few years, recruitment advertising has snowballed massively in both variety and market acceptance. Gone are the days of the standalone job advert, welcome the days of brand development, employers of choice, banners, buttons and a whole host of alternatives.

Just to give you a little background in where we are coming from... Unlike several other recruitment advertising agencies, we are from a recruitment background - we have over 30 years in the recruitment market hailing from Resource Solutions Group: one of the UK's largest independent IT recruiters. We applied this extensive experience to produce a media company without the fuss, delays and lack of relevant knowledge that we so often saw in our experience.

We have undertaken work for MI5, Lloyds Banking Group, Reckitt Benckiser, and Nutricia to name but a few. We are confident in our solutions given our experience has taught us to be effective and innovative in our advertising and marketing process.

From PPC to CSS, Flash to Print, Logos to Whitepapers, we have a wealth of experience and pride ourselves in our ability to pick a bespoke solution to satisfy and exceed the expectations of every one of our clients.

Posted by Mike Wedge

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  1. Hi! Its Jonny Hiles from The Hub. - http://www.recruitment-hub.com
    I would kust like to testify to the quality for the Sticky Media services.
    Earlier this year we launched a new recruitment brand with a unique offering. We needed to consult with a Media Company that understood our business to help us communicate and sell The Hub as a new recruitment concept.
    We had worked with other Marketeers in the past with mixed responses and appointed Sticky Media to develop branding, website and strategy.
    The feedback we have had has been fantastic and our customers like clean branding and the marketing strategy. Best of all, it has been extremely cost effective!
    I throughly recommend Sticky Media Group and in particular Mike Wedge for his support.

    Jonny Hiles
    Managing Director
    The Hub

    Latest news - http://jonnyhub.blogspot.com