Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Post-Twitter Future: The Next Big Thing

Twitter is huge, we get it. It’s great for business, and it’s great for making new contacts. It’s great for a whole host of things from finding people in your area, to telling you that your washing is done.

So what’s next? Twitter and the big 3 are sure to keep on growing, but what will be the next big thing discussed on social media, spoken about in seminars, and misunderstood in the tabloid press?

In terms of technology, 3D television is rapidly approaching the consumer market, Augmented Reality is gaining in popularity from brands, and Google have announced that they will be launching an online Monopoly game using Google Maps…

Ok, so perhaps that last one won’t change our lives too much. Although it does sound quite addictive.

Let’s take a look:


Sony has announced that they will be developing an affordable 3DTV, and that it will be ready for release at the end of 2010. BSkyB have also announced plans for a 3D channel next year.

We can’t wait for 3DTV to pave the way for immersive and innovative advertising. All bets on Honda to come up with something viral-worthy in 2011.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is the combining (or augmenting) of the real world with a computer-generated image or overlay. This is a technology that is being rapidly caught onto by some fairly big names. Check out this video from Toyota which uses a normal webcam, some AR software and a machine-readable symbol printed on a piece of cardboard:

We expect this technology to really take-off in the next few years, but it’s already gaining ground with the big players.

For more examples, check out Revolution Magazine’s Top 10 AR Campaigns.

Google Monopoly

Monopoly City Streets” is an online game of Monopoly which uses Google Maps as the game-board.

The game launches tomorrow (9th September – unsurprisingly, a popular day for product releases and promotional events) and will allow players worldwide to build houses, skyscrapers, rubbish tips and many more places of interest (!) on real streets.

Players apparently receive $3million game dollars with property prices varying between $50,000 and $100million.

Check out the official Monopoly City Streets website.

[Update 09:00, 11/09/09: Get buying your streets, Monopoly City Streets is back online.]

In Other News:


As you’ve probably heard this morning, Orange has announced a merger with T-Mobile, which will place them in the lead in the UK market with a combined 37% market share. This will allow a “new force in the mobile phone market” and hopefully an increase in network coverage and quality.

And in keeping with the topic of this post, this may also mean a greater investment in new technologies and services.

Apple Event

Also using the portentous release date of “09/09/09” as a publicity tool is Apple. They started to fuel rumours last month of a special event, causing speculation about a possible product launch.

We reckon it’s the Apple tablet, but all will be revealed tomorrow.

The Events

And never one to ignore a special date, illusionist Derren Brown launches “The Events” tomorrow with a live show where he attempts to predict 5 out of 6 lottery numbers. Not surprisingly, he's been banned from buying a ticket.

Catch Derren’s show live at 10:35pm on Channel 4.

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