Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Google FastFlip and Bing Visual

FastFlip is Googlelabs’ latest offering, allowing users to view the latest news in easy-to-read image format, rather than standard news aggregator text format.

As the name suggests, it’s fast, and much faster than loading image-heavy news pages. Google appear to be placing the emphasis on being able to read online news as fast as you can in print.

It’s also available on Android-capable devices and the iPhone with tactile page turning.

This comes on the same day as Bing launched “Bing Visual Search” which displays rows of image content instead of your typical text search results, to help you search via visual information.

The kind of thing that would be useful if you wanted the name of someone, but could only remember what they looked like.

It's a promising concept, however, it only appears to be available to US users and it requires Microsoft’s Silverlight to work...

So far, responses on Mashable are mostly negative on the lack of information for non-US users and the mandatory Silverlight installation.

Google win this round, Microsoft.

Are there any alternatives? Leave your comments below.

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