Friday, 28 August 2009

New Toys: Wooshii, Hootsuite 2.0, Twitterskins

Friday again, and this time an extended weekend to look forward to. This week has been very productive in terms of finding new social media tools and apps. Here are just a few of the applications we’ve signed up to:

  • Wooshii – Currently still in Alpha, this new viral marketplace allows brands, creatives and publishers to create an account (with a combination of the 3 titles if you wish) to “buy, sell and spread viral marketing campaigns”.

We, like many others have had the chance to preview the site before it goes live and it looks quite promising. The main idea behind it is that creative people can upload their creations for others to purchase, brands can circulate their viral campaigns and have them rated and sent across the web by everyone else, and publishers can earn money by publishing content on their website or blog.

We’ll keep our ears to the web for this one, and let you know when it goes public via Twitter @sticky_media.

  • Hootsuite 2.0 – You may well have heard of this one already, and especially if you had the first version of Hootsuite. For those of you who don’t know, Hootsuite is a web-based platform for managing your Twitter profile (or multiple profiles) and viewing analytics data, similar to TweetDeck, only for the web and not the desktop.

Hootsuite boasts several new features including customisable, draggable columns for your Tweets, more statistical capability and an auto-refresh.

As we’ve said above, it’s great for managing multiple profiles and if you class yourself as a Twitter power-user.

  • TwitterSkins – This is a great new website by Ben Townsend (@Twitte_rskins) featuring Apps, Mashups, Follower Tools and Skins (including some free downloadable ones).

We got featured in the skins section this week thanks to Ben, who is rapidly adding new ones everyday including @MarketingDonut and @Tamar from Techipedia.

Add yourself by visiting the “Submit a Skin” page.

That’s all folks, have a great bank holiday weekend, and let us know if you find any more great apps and sites in the comments below.

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